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The mission of our organization is to end poverty and hunger in all its forms and dimensions.

The Organization for Poverty Alleviation & Development. OPAD is an International Non-governmental Organization [INGO] operating in Europe, South America, Asia, and Africa with an aim to stimulate community Oriented Poverty Alleviation initiatives that improve Sustainable Development; promote Democratic Governance, Human Rights, and Climate Change mitigation. The organization strives for inclusivity of poor people in Community Engagement Strategies, Public policy formulation and Research.


Education Global developments have led to increased investments in ICT tools to make STEM education more accessible and exciting to students. Despite the growing availability of technology resources in schools, there remains a disconnect between resources available and the impact achieved. 

Health care

Economic growth, social stability, and quality of life all depend on the wellbeing of a nation’s citizens. When children are healthy, they can learn. When parents are healthy, they can earn for their families. Healthy families and communities invest in themselves and their future. 


As part of the OPAD initiative, we aim to raise awareness about the dangers of drug abuse and addiction and how they affect young people, as well as educate the public about the dangers of different substances, as well as influencing the medical community and policymakers positively so that legislative changes can be made to help addicts and their families as well as improve medical care.

The organization for Poverty Alleviation & Development is 100% voluntarily funded organization

As an individual donor, every dollar you give counts, and 65 cents of every dollar you give goes directly to programs that support ending poverty and hunger worldwide.

We currently spend 2 cents processing your donation, 6 cents running OPAD and our programmes, and 28 cents raising the next dollar.

17 July, 2023

Agriculture is a major contributor to global warming, as well as, a major victim through reduced crop yields. Agriculture also holds the key to reversing the impact of global warming on the world’s food supply. There is a growing consensus globally that by implementing Regenerative Agricultural Practices and Reducing Food Loss/Waste we can reduce substantially the carbon footprint imposed by agriculture. 

30 AUGUST, 2023

The Agenda for Sustainable Development has identified poverty eradication as its overarching goal, with the ambitious aim of completely eradicating extreme poverty by 2030. The international community and the entire United Nations system is prioritizing the implementation of this agenda in its current work programme.   


On Sept 13, 2023, The World Climate Civility Day will be launched by OPAD, in partnership with
the UN, NGO’s and organizations worldwide to call attention to the need to address the Earth’s changing climate. WCCD will address how to mitigate the extreme weather patterns brought on
by careless excesses that have brought the greenhouse effect, using civility as the platform for
the opening of the discussion.

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