What is OPAD?

The Organization for Poverty Alleviation and Development (OPAD) is an international non-profit and non-government organization. OPAD actively works toward poverty eradication and alleviation by promoting human rights, climate change, and sustainable development.

Our Mission is to mitigate the problems presented by poverty, promote positive climate change, and support international laws protecting humanitarian values across cultures. 


Volunteer at OPAD

Volunteering is a great way to become more involved in the  community and gain valuable skills. Volunteers make a very valuable contribution to our work at OPAD, from local people volunteering as part of their training to established business people contributing their time to support our work.

Become a Volunteer

Make a Contribution

OPAD needs your support in the challenge of fighting poverty. Your donation will go toward the time, advice, and financing of our team as well as materials used in assisting individuals living on the edge of marginalized communities. Your contribution can make great changes towards achieving sustainable peace and development.

Make a Contribution

Help OPAD Another Way

OPAD encourages people to  contribute to our programs by helping spread the word about our fight against poverty. Here are some other ways you can help us:

  • Tell your friends about OPAD
  • Follow us on Facebook or Instagram!
  • Share our website on Twitter
  • Get involved in making your local community a safer place (Nattvandring)

Our Services

OPAD responds to problems internationally by offering a wide range of services geared toward alleviating poverty by educating the community and providing the tools needed for development

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Get in Touch

For more information on our programs, contribution inquiries, or just to say hello; please contact us. We are always available!

Sakthusgatan 15
12172 Johanneshov
Stockholm, Sweden.
Tel: +46-854661856
Fax: +46 -854672477
Email: info@opad.eu, office@opad.eu

  • OPAD was the perfect place to be an intern!  I could tell they were not just a team, but also a family. I knew I was going to feel very comfortable and happy working with them, and that I would learn a lot!

    Nuria Tarragona, Spain From Barcelona
  • Extremely activated, organized and updated. Also, the connections they have with the local community helped me get socialized easier.

    Eleni Pisoka, Greece From Greece
  • I am very happy and feel very lucky that I am a part of this organization.  Thank you OPAD for your trust, support and sincerity!

    Abdullah Yavuz, Turkey From Turkey