1. OPAD is accredited by the following UN and EU bodies.
    United Nations Human Rights Council; United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, United Nations Economic and Social Council; European Volunteer AID, United Nations Global Compact, and Member of Vienna NGO Committee on Drugs. Several other organizations also work with us to provide humanitarian relief, research, and advice.


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EFSAS focuses on political, economic and socio-cultural themes in South Asia, with a specific focus on issues like Terrorism, Indo-Pak relations and the Jammu & Kashmir conflict

United State | USA

Holt International helps children thrive in a family environment through love and stability. But our services extend far beyond the adoption work we are known for.

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The Postharvest Education Foundation

The Postharvest Education Foundation focuses its work on conducting a variety of postharvest e-learning programs for young professionals who work with small-scale farmers in developing countries. PEF’s programs

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The CWWPP seeks to empower people in their communities. We do this through
community-based training in a program known as Pragmatic Empowerment Training
(PET). We concentrate on the psychological and physical health elements of conflict and
war and injustice..

Australia | South Africa

International Youth professional Foundation (IYPF)

The International Young Professionals Foundation is an organisation focused on the role corporations and the individuals within them to make a better world, specifically their contribution to the Millennium Development Goals. IYPF focuses on highly influential position Young Professionals



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