About Us

OPAD was founded over decade ago to reconnects the poor and marginalized communities with a global aspirations to make the world a better place for all. On this pillar, OPAD has extensively work with donors, governments, local NGOs and the affected communities in over 40 countries to fight alleviating poverty, through effective engagement on the real issues that affect the poor and marginalized people.


Our organization cares for the poor and vulnerable women and children as our heart beats everyday for them on how best they can be alleviated from their current state of life.


Always, in our thoughts, we strive hard to development sound initiative/innovative ways to put those we care for in a more efficient and self-reliant position. We promote the issues of human rights, positive climate change, and sustainable development to those that govern them.

Our programs work toward promoting economic and social livelihoods by empowering the people in the fight against poverty. We enable people young and old to actively participate in their community by providing them with opportunities for knowledge and access to resources.

Our Vision

To improve the standard of living for all people by recognizing them

as resources and not as victims.

Our Mission

To eradicate the problems caused because of poverty, support international humanitarian laws, and promote positive climate change across all culture.

Our Philosophy

These beliefs we hold as non-negotiable nor questionable as we build equitable equality, free from suffering.

Climate Change

Climate change as a consequence of global warming is now with us, and the sooner we act the less damage will be done to our society, economy and environment, and to us. There are two extensive areas of change responsibility that all of us to embrace.
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Human Rights

Human rights are strained in many places across the globe. Peaceful protests are brutally crushed. Voting is altered and minorities are often left out from decision-making. We raise our voice and help those who can’t help themselves.
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Gender Equality

About 70% of world’s population lives without gender equity, especially in small towns and villages. Many women governed by their families without basic rights.
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Poverty Alleviation

Poverty is something we ceaselessly fight against. We maintain accurate information, data and facts on all of our interventions from the bottom up. OPAD implements Beneficiaries Led Aid (BLA) in Poverty Alleviation Programs.
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We strive for inclusivity of impoverished people in Community Engagement Strategies, enabling Localization at a fundamental level.
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Women + Youth Empowerment

We embrace youth as staff and volunteers in building synergy among grassroots development partners and collaborators. With elders disappearing, oral heritage is becoming lost. It is imperative that younger generations have access to it.
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