European Volunteer Service (EVS)

European Voluntary Service (EVS) Has A Significant And Growing Presence Worldwide. EVS Is A policy and program tool used for OPAD international development projects and the promotion of international understanding through our activities, EVS forms part of OPAD mobility programs to give young people the opportunity to have first time international job experience, have proliferated, while research on scope, effectiveness, and impacts has lagged behind. We propose a typology that addresses duration, nature of service, and degree of “internationality.” Further, we identify EVS networks and support organizations that bolster the capacity of EVS sending and hosting organizations, and in this process create large and little recognized international institutions of cooperation. Building on the typology, we suggest program, policy, and research implications to advance knowledge of the role of EVS, its role in global civil society, and impacts it may have on human conditions and cross-cultural understanding.

Project :

Title : Adventure, Dreams & Hopes:

The project title Adventure, Dreams & Hopes met its original objectives, the original objectives was to provide opportunities for social and personal growth of volunteers and youngsters in the hosting communities along with organizational and community sustainable development by bringing added value to existing activities and implementing new ones which stimulate the intercultural learning process, encourage active participation of youngsters, especially those with fewer opportunities and strengthen international partnership.
The hosting organization “OPAD” involved the volunteer in different social activities all enclosed in a well-organized programme meant not only at providing a sense of European belonging to the volunteer involved but also to the youngsters that live in the host community have the opportunity to participate also in several activities, as for most of them it was their first contact with an international environment.

The volunteers were involved in a truly European environment and so had the chance to learn about how the European institutions (European Commission, Council of Europe,) are working with specific reference to the youth policies. By the means of the activities that OPAD organization carries out in the field of social inclusion, immigration, sustainable development, environment and human rights protection, the volunteers enriched their knowledge on these specific themes valuing the competences they already got. Moreover taking part in the realization of projects for the local youngsters they increased the knowledge in the field of planning and designing specific activities. The volunteers were encouraged to propose and develop own projects, in the framework of the specific programme of their EVS project, thus enhancing their creative abilities and their initiative spirit.

Furthermore the project aim was threefold:
Increasing volunteers social and personal development
Community development and increased participation of Young People
Partnership development – encouraging local and international cooperation.
Hence this made it quite easier for the objectives to be met. We made sure to go through all the original objectives and even added different programs base on every day evaluation.


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