Our story starts way back, when extreme poverty and hunger were global humanitarian crises.

The Organization for Poverty Alleviation & Development. OPAD is an International Non-governmental Organization [INGO] operating in Europe, South America, Asia, and Africa with an aim to stimulate community Oriented Poverty Alleviation initiatives that improve Sustainable Development; promote Democratic Governance, Human Rights, and Climate Change mitigation. The organization strives for inclusivity of poor people in Community Engagement Strategies, Public policy formulation and Research.

OPAD Promotes and practices bottom-up approach in all its development interventions which requires accurate information, data and facts on any given challenge that needs result oriented response. OPAD is one of the implementers of Beneficiaries Led Aid [BLA] in Poverty Alleviation Programmes, Climate change Mitigation, relief, conflict resolution and Human Health in our strategic countries of operations.

OPAD is set up under the  UN Laws governing non-profit corporations.  OPAD Regional offices are set and managed with indigenous community women, men and youths as staffs and volunteers in order to build synergy among grassroots development partners and Collaborators.   


The organization for Poverty Alleviation & Development is 100% voluntarily funded organization

As an individual donor, every dollar you give counts, and 65 cents of every dollar you give goes directly to programs that support ending poverty and hunger worldwide.

We currently spend 2 cents processing your donation, 6 cents running OPAD and our programmes, and 28 cents raising the next dollar.

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